Instruction for Authors

Guides for publications:

1. Papers may be submitted in one of three languages – azeri, russian and english.
2. All papers submitted for publication should be accompanied by a review letter of the scientific supervisor or doctor of science n a relevant area.
3. Each paper should contain universal decimal assignment (UOT) or PACS type codes and keywords of the relevant scientific section. The keywords should be given in three languages (in a languages of the paper and abstracts written languages).
4. The list of references at the end of paper should preferably contain publications, monographs and other sources published within last 5-10 years.
5. The full name of the institution, including names and surnames, adress and telephone numbers for each co-author should be given at the end of paper.
6. Only papers up to 15 pages are accepted for publishing in a volume.
7. The paper should be compiled using following rules:
• Programme – Microsoft Word, Font : Times New Roman
• Main text should be 14 pt scale and interval between lines should be 1.5 in A4 sized paper.
• Margins should be 3 cm from top and bottom, 2.5 cm from left, 1.5 cm from right.
8. All papers shoud contain abstracts in 2 languages different from original language. These abstracts should be same and should reflect the content of the paper. The results achieved bu author(s), scientific novelty of the study, applied importance and else should be expressed in abstract. Each abstract should also contain the title of paper, and full name(s) of author(s).

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